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Tobias’ To-Do List:

Buy new journal with better cover Change the feng shui in the apartment – maybe white couch in front of closet door? Get rid of the Pirates of the Caribbean cardboard cut out – summer is over Play Keno Count … Continue reading

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Indira’s Sunday Night Musings

I suspect that the tiny bubble under my left ring finger is the first sign of flesh eating bacteria, but I’m not going to say anything.  If I so much as raise a concern, a concern for my health, the … Continue reading

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Bath and Body Works Betrayal

The people who come in here usually do a pretty serious towel assessment.  You want cheap towels, you go to Walmart or Target, spend $3 and call it a day.  But we get these goddamn towel connoisseurs who spend 30 … Continue reading

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Ritchie the Panicked Renter

The fact that the moldings were white, the trim was black and the walls were a dingy eggshell was making Ritchie’s stomach turn over.  He could not believe that a landlord could stomach a property he owned looking this way, … Continue reading

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