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The Huntington Ladies’ Book Club – February Meeting

Now ladies, as you know I am generally opposed to using the word abortion.  It’s divisive and graphic, and it just invites unwelcome inquiries into the political views of our little book club.  But I must say, it’s really the … Continue reading

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Pickle the Cheetah

Pala is such a bitch, Pickle thought to herself as she poked her claw through the eye of the mouse she had been toying with.  She has no right to delegate her duties to me.  She’s barely even pregnant.  The … Continue reading

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Ten Prior Moments that led Jenna to this Point:

1. Hitting Hector Martinez in the face during 8th grade gym class, which led to Mr. Clannaugh sending me home , which led to me catching my father making his girlfriend silver dollar pancakes while my mother was at work. … Continue reading

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The O. Henry Affair

Man, I really love that O. Henry story.  You know, the famous one.  Where the couple loves each other so much that they get rid of their most prized possessions for one another at Christmas?  I just think that’s SO … Continue reading

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Eric’s Favorite Blouse

There is just something about an empire waist shirt, man.  And yeah, I know it’s gay that I know the name of a certain kind of ladies’ shirt, but I had to look that shit up online, I like it … Continue reading

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Fran’s Free Write

This is a free write.  This is a free write.  This is a free write…JFC my therapist said it would get easier if I just kept my pen to the paper and didn’t judge what I wrote but this is … Continue reading

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Brittani’s Breaking Point

Brittani could deal with a lot of things, but watching everyone fawn over her sister Tanya was not one of them.  Never mind that Tanya had eloped with a thrice-divorced man she’d only known 23 days and gotten married by … Continue reading

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