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My 5 Favorite Musicals and Why, By Carla Cioca:

5. Wicked, because there are flying monkeys played by humans, some dancing, lots of singing and some fake-midgets (I’m not allowed to say that word).  I laughed at them and screamed at the dragon.  I had lots of feelings during … Continue reading

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The O. Henry Affair

Man, I really love that O. Henry story.  You know, the famous one.  Where the couple loves each other so much that they get rid of their most prized possessions for one another at Christmas?  I just think that’s SO … Continue reading

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Fran’s Free Write

This is a free write.  This is a free write.  This is a free write…JFC my therapist said it would get easier if I just kept my pen to the paper and didn’t judge what I wrote but this is … Continue reading

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Chester’s Important Work

He tried to vary the cadence of his typing at work to make detection less simple, but his boss always seemed to hear when he had stopped doing data entry and gone back to working on his fan fiction.  Within … Continue reading

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Keene’s Craiglist Query

Hi all, So this ad is a little out of the ordinary.  I’m not looking for a “massage,” or a used end table or someone that I saw in passing on the Red line last week.  I’m looking for a … Continue reading

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Hector’s Friend in Line

Usually Hector despised it when total strangers asked him about his missing foot, but the man behind him in line at Au Bon Pain went about it in a very delicate way.  After much surreptitious peeking from behind a two-week-old … Continue reading

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Ginny the Life Coach

If I mess up and doublebook patients one more time this week, I’m going to take that braided rope I got to add to my ceiling-to-floor curtains as a decorative touch and just strangle myself.  This new computer system is … Continue reading

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