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Karen the Personal Trainer

There are two things I hate.  One, people who makes New Year’s resolutions, and two, people who break their little halfhearted pleas before the end of the first month.  What, did you just come up with the goal without any … Continue reading

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Ben’s Night Out

I sincerely forgot how much I despise going to dinner with Roger when he has his reviewer’s cap on.  One second we’re having a perfectly intelligent discussion about the dearth of ethical responsibility in the GOP, and the next thing … Continue reading

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Jerry’s Cereal Problem

He stood in the grocery aisle staring at the different kinds of cereal.  Since when did everything have to be chockfull of antioxidants, and bursting with berry flavor?  Why did Cheerios have to save his heart and Special K make … Continue reading

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The Divisive Salmon

Sharon had refused to kiss him ever since he ate the salmon last Monday night.  Which was ridiculous, since obviously all traces of the salmon has passed through his body in the last 10 days, and definitely weren’t still in … Continue reading

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Jamie’s Fifth-Life Crisis

Hi, everyone.  I made this DVD so you would have something to watch after you knew I was gone, something that might help you understand why I needed to go.  First off, I’m not dead, I swear.  I know it … Continue reading

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Sam’s Split-Second Decision

Oh boy.  Oh, wow.  OK.  Just keep chewing.  Eventually, enough saliva will collect in your mouth that the food will just dribble down your throat and you won’t have to actually swallow the horrific mess that Jill’s mother calls meatloaf.  … Continue reading

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Lonnie’s Late Night Breakdown

It was the cheese.  Always with the cheese.  She made it all day long without cravings, truly enjoying her fresh arugula salad with strawberries and pine nuts, her 1% Greek yogurt, the tiny pieces of salmon covered with reduced soy … Continue reading

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