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Pickle the Cheetah

Pala is such a bitch, Pickle thought to herself as she poked her claw through the eye of the mouse she had been toying with.  She has no right to delegate her duties to me.  She’s barely even pregnant.  The … Continue reading

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Karen the Personal Trainer

There are two things I hate.  One, people who makes New Year’s resolutions, and two, people who break their little halfhearted pleas before the end of the first month.  What, did you just come up with the goal without any … Continue reading

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Barry’s Yogic Tension

This is just embarrassing, he moaned in his mind as the class shifted into Warrior 3.  Over the shaking of his right thigh he could see Sam, calm and collected, smoothly inching down into the pose for a deeper burn.  … Continue reading

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Brittani’s Breaking Point

Brittani could deal with a lot of things, but watching everyone fawn over her sister Tanya was not one of them.  Never mind that Tanya had eloped with a thrice-divorced man she’d only known 23 days and gotten married by … Continue reading

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The Template for a Tiny Life

There was a dearth of true tininess in the world.  It seemed like people were focused on the LARGENESS of things, the gigantic ratings and calorie counts and floor plans.  Nobody wanted a tiny studio, a too-small baby, a fabulously … Continue reading

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Mariah’s Skillful Delegating

Mariah spent most of her time plotting her delegations.  Whenever she was assigned a task by hellion-woman (otherwise known as her supervisor, Joan), she immediately broke the request down into its most basic parts and gave them to others.  The … Continue reading

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The Divisive Salmon

Sharon had refused to kiss him ever since he ate the salmon last Monday night.  Which was ridiculous, since obviously all traces of the salmon has passed through his body in the last 10 days, and definitely weren’t still in … Continue reading

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