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The Huntington Ladies’ Book Club – February Meeting

Now ladies, as you know I am generally opposed to using the word abortion.  It’s divisive and graphic, and it just invites unwelcome inquiries into the political views of our little book club.  But I must say, it’s really the … Continue reading

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Pickle the Cheetah

Pala is such a bitch, Pickle thought to herself as she poked her claw through the eye of the mouse she had been toying with.  She has no right to delegate her duties to me.  She’s barely even pregnant.  The … Continue reading

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Karen the Personal Trainer

There are two things I hate.  One, people who makes New Year’s resolutions, and two, people who break their little halfhearted pleas before the end of the first month.  What, did you just come up with the goal without any … Continue reading

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Morton the Worm at the Usury Office

Just take another inch.  That’s all I owe this time, I swear – I paid off last’s month horses and card debts over the weekend.  Yeah, at the Edgewater branch – look it up if you don’t believe me, you … Continue reading

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My 5 Favorite Musicals and Why, By Carla Cioca:

5. Wicked, because there are flying monkeys played by humans, some dancing, lots of singing and some fake-midgets (I’m not allowed to say that word).  I laughed at them and screamed at the dragon.  I had lots of feelings during … Continue reading

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Mumu the Irrelevant Mime

Mumu watched sadly as the tourists crossed the street to avoid having to walk in front of him.  What a sad state of affairs the world was in when people didn’t want to have to engage with the neighborhood mime … Continue reading

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Tiny Tim – Post Revisted

This summer I wrote a character sketch about Tiny Tim, and what might happen if he decided to get a medical procedure to become a little bit taller (channeling one of my favorite scenes in Gattaca): That sketch has … Continue reading

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