Morton the Worm at the Usury Office

angry wormJust take another inch.  That’s all I owe this time, I swear – I paid off last’s month horses and card debts over the weekend.  Yeah, at the Edgewater branch – look it up if you don’t believe me, you rotten bastard!

Two inches?  There’s no way I got two inches to spare.  I barely regenerated an inch since I had to come in here last time.  Two inches will kill me, I sweartagod!  I know it’s that’s not your fault, honey, but come on, show a little compassion for your fellow worm.  You know I always come outta these hard times into a flush streak.  You know it!

No, no, no, don’t call Rocco in.  Josie, don’t you dare, you fat fuck!  Oh jeez…oh hey, Rocco, how’s it going?  I can’t hear you over the gleam of those scissors you got there – just put em down and let’s talk like old pals, huh?  I just can’t do two inches, man.  It will be the end of me.  Whaddaya even do with all these inches I give you?  Feed them to your kids?  That’s reeeaalll nice, using me for your kids’ dinners.  Get a little decency, huh?  No, no, put it down, get your goddamn hands OFFA ME OWWWWWWWWW.

No, I doubt it hurts you more than it hurts me, ya jerk.

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