My 5 Favorite Musicals and Why, By Carla Cioca:

Musices Notes5. Wicked, because there are flying monkeys played by humans, some dancing, lots of singing and some fake-midgets (I’m not allowed to say that word).  I laughed at them and screamed at the dragon.  I had lots of feelings during the show which my Mom said is the point of theater!

4. Les Miserables, because there is a character my age who gets to have solos, yell at the older actors and also gets to have a very dramatic death on stage.  There is another girl character my age but she seems like a whiner and the boy is a doer, just like my Mom says I am.

3. Phantom of the Opera, because I think the Phantom really loved Christine and she should have been happy that someone loved her that much and not tried to go off with Raoul.  I always think he escaped at the end and he and Christine moved to another country together without Raoul or any of them.  That’s more romantic because it’s not what you would think would be the ending!

2. Lion King because there are really good costumes, makeups, stilts, sound effects, it’s kind of what I think it would be like to go to Disneyworld except my Dad said that Disneyworld is a rip-off and we’re never going.  But if we do someday, like if he hits his head and forgets he said that, I hope it’s like Lion King.

1. CATS (!!) because there are so, so, so many cats onstage.  So many people dressed like cats, singing like cats, dancing like cats.  I wish my mom would let me get a cat like Griselda (because she seems like she needs a lot of love and cuddles), or at least some kind of Jellicle cat, but she said not until I’m 8! Cats is just by far the best musical that there ever was.  Cats are really smart and so good at rhyming that it’s silly no one had let them sing their songs before now!


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