The O. Henry Affair

BraceletMan, I really love that O. Henry story.  You know, the famous one.  Where the couple loves each other so much that they get rid of their most prized possessions for one another at Christmas?  I just think that’s SO the way me and Joey are.  We would do ANYTHING for each other, ya know?  We would so be the kind of couple where I would end up cutting off my ARM or something to buy him a pair of shoes, and meanwhile he went and donated his toes to science or something to get me that Tiffany’s bracelet I love so much.  Get it?  So then we have no arm to put the bracelet on and no foot to put the shoes on!!  Total lovefest!  Sometimes I wish we could do more dramatic stuff like that to show our love for each other – writing on facebook walls and stuff is nice, but cutting off your toes for someone?  Now that’s forever.

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