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Tiny Tim – Post Revisted

This summer I wrote a character sketch about Tiny Tim, and what might happen if he decided to get a medical procedure to become a little bit taller (channeling one of my favorite scenes in Gattaca): That sketch has … Continue reading

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Ten Prior Moments that led Jenna to this Point:

1. Hitting Hector Martinez in the face during 8th grade gym class, which led to Mr. Clannaugh sending me home , which led to me catching my father making his girlfriend silver dollar pancakes while my mother was at work. … Continue reading

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The O. Henry Affair

Man, I really love that O. Henry story.  You know, the famous one.  Where the couple loves each other so much that they get rid of their most prized possessions for one another at Christmas?  I just think that’s SO … Continue reading

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Ben’s Night Out

I sincerely forgot how much I despise going to dinner with Roger when he has his reviewer’s cap on.  One second we’re having a perfectly intelligent discussion about the dearth of ethical responsibility in the GOP, and the next thing … Continue reading

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