Colin’s Stockholm Syndrome

Best Boss MugTia was always threatening to come into his house and drown him in his bathtub, so Colin wasn’t particularly worried this last threat.  Granted, this time she had done it in front of other staff members and a few clients, but her voice had been fairly affectionate and mellow at the time.  He still didn’t think that HR needed to be involved.  Everyone at the company knew Tia was a difficult genius.  She needed to be coddled and understood, not reprimanded for her unique motivational techniques.  Colin himself had increased his sales 400% since coming under Tia’s jurisdiction, and he didn’t doubt for a second that it was because of her threats of extreme violence when he didn’t meet her sales goals.  And since he had no desire to drown in tepid water, get his head stuffed in an oven, or fall down twenty flights of stairs, he did his very best every second of the work day (and beyond!).  And really, wasn’t that the mark of an excellent boss, inspiring that sort of work ethic in her underlings?  Colin thought she should have her own line of books and maybe a motivational speaking series.  He would bring it up during the next office-wide meeting.

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