Eric’s Favorite Blouse

Empire Waist TopThere is just something about an empire waist shirt, man.  And yeah, I know it’s gay that I know the name of a certain kind of ladies’ shirt, but I had to look that shit up online, I like it so much.  Just the way it puffs right out like that under the chest – just make everyone wearing it look so soft and comfortable, like just a female pillow you could lay your head on and relax forever.  I see in my roommate’s lady magazines (yeah, I read them in the bathroom, so what?) they’re supposed to be going out of style because they make everyone look knocked up.  I hope to hell they don’t.  Maybe I could start a collection once they start showing up at thrift stores and then could give all the second-hand empire waist shirts to a new chick I might be seeing.  Although I know from reading Cosmo that that shit would probably be a warning sign and all her friends would tell her to dump me.  There has to be some way to make sure these shirts stay in my life until I have a female to put them on.

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2 Responses to Eric’s Favorite Blouse

  1. PenniCash says:

    This is my favorite style too! All my dresses in high school were this style and I always get compliments when I wear the two tunics that are empire cut. I don’t read Cosmo and that type of stuff, so I really hope that they don’t go out of style…I’ll have to wait another ten years or so for them to come back instyle again!

  2. Magpie says:

    This is a great character! I can’t decide if I love him for being so positive about “soft” and “comfortable” women, r if I am prickly toward him because it’s still objectifying women (and also for using “gay” as a slur). I read your post this morning and I am still thinking about this Eric. This is an excellent little piece. Thanks for writing in a public space – it’s really good stuff.

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