Brittani’s Breaking Point

EyelashesBrittani could deal with a lot of things, but watching everyone fawn over her sister Tanya was not one of them.  Never mind that Tanya had eloped with a thrice-divorced man she’d only known 23 days and gotten married by a river in Utah.  Never mind that the guy had 4 kids he never saw and spoke to only via facebook messages.  And never mind that Tanya had begged everyone for cash to “pay the caterers” only to show up with brand new tips, hair extensions and 1/8 the amount of food she had extorted money for.  No, Brittani couldn’t get past the fact that her PhD apparently meant nothing next to Tanya’s white sundress and marriage license, and she was now faced with the being the older unmarried sister who had wasted her most attractive years in graduate school.  Tanya would probably time her first pregnancy announcement to coincide with Brittani’s first professorship, there would be a trailer purchase to compete with a first book, and a second kid to completely overshadow her long-sought tenure.  Standing in the undecorated reception hall, Brittani felt the heft of years of her sister’s personal success trumping her professional achievement in the family standings, and her knees nearly buckled from the weight of it all.  If only Tanya hadn’t used the booze money to get eyelash extensions, this whole thing would be a lot easier to bear.

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One Response to Brittani’s Breaking Point

  1. Great piece of writing. Life oh life……

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