The Template for a Tiny Life

Tiny BooksThere was a dearth of true tininess in the world.  It seemed like people were focused on the LARGENESS of things, the gigantic ratings and calorie counts and floor plans.  Nobody wanted a tiny studio, a too-small baby, a fabulously small rack or shoe collection.  Peter firmly believed that the “Tiny Life” movement was going to be a hit.  Partially ripped from Buddhism, partially from just from his own lack of $$ and space, he had written half the motivational book in longhand on his wee notepad and had his first abbreviated speeches written out on 100 post-it notes.  “Tiny is the new Big” was the slogan, and he planned to take this thing global.  He’d better – he had $100k in tiny student loans to pay off before he could get started on his tiny dream home in Bermuda.

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