Jerry’s Cereal Problem

Cereal Box

He stood in the grocery aisle staring at the different kinds of cereal.  Since when did everything have to be chockfull of antioxidants, and bursting with berry flavor?  Why did Cheerios have to save his heart and Special K make him lose two inches from his waistline in a month?  Eating cereal had always made him feel like a little kid again – sitting in front of the TV, watching Saturday morning cartoons on mute so his father wouldn’t come downstairs and yell.  Back then, he didn’t need to take Lipitor and got his exercise from playing Cops and Robbers at night rather than the hated Elliptical.  Wheaties were his treat on Saturdays, the reward he gave himself for making it through another work week with his father hating his job and his mother making herself scarce.   But now they were just a reminder that his life was winding down and simple pleasures weren’t as simple as they used to be.

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