Mariah’s Skillful Delegating

Battle of AlgiersMariah spent most of her time plotting her delegations.  Whenever she was assigned a task by hellion-woman (otherwise known as her supervisor, Joan), she immediately broke the request down into its most basic parts and gave them to others.  The intern always gathered the materials, CeCe was asked for the research and she farmed out various bits of the writing to junior-level people in other departments.  She developed this method from watching “The Battle of Algiers,” specifically the scene when the French commanders realized that none of the Algerians knew any of the other insurgents’ names.  She tried to conduct all of her office subterfuge in the same manner – if any of the others were asked what they were doing, it would be impossible to piece together an entire task that would trace back to her.  She would have made an excellent spy, and in fact was going to apply to work for the State Department next year.  If only she could apply the same method to studying for the candidacy exam as she could for completing her memos and reports, she would be running a foreign country in no time.

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