The Divisive Salmon

salmonSharon had refused to kiss him ever since he ate the salmon last Monday night.  Which was ridiculous, since obviously all traces of the salmon has passed through his body in the last 10 days, and definitely weren’t still in his mouth, but she persisted in her refusal.  This vegan diet was really starting to get to her.  At first he had been totally on board – yes, he needed to lose a little weight, and if she was willing to buy and prepare all vegan meals for a few months, who was he to stop her?  She wanted to cleanse her body before starting to train for her next triathlon, which he didn’t really see the point of, but he was a hip modern guy who let her manage her body as she saw fit.  So he had been feeding upon summer corn, chickpeas, lettuce, vast amounts of olive oil, and other items that he generally would have considered appetizers but had now morphed into pitiful entrees.  He was constantly in a state of nervous hunger.

But then he went to his company party, where everyone was chowing down massive cheeseburgers and steak tips.  His mouth became so filled with saliva he couldn’t speak.  The delectable piece of poached salmon seemed like a fair and appropriate alternative, and he didn’t feel an ounce of guilt as he ate it.  Sharon smelled it the moment he opened his mouth, through the mouthwash, gum and vegan crackers he had on the train.  The look in her eyes wasn’t so much anger at his betrayal than disgust at his weakness.  All of a sudden Jeff realized how hard she would be to beat in that triathlon.

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  1. Rehan Laird says:

    Good post there. Keep up the great work.

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