Chester’s Important Work

Typing HandsHe tried to vary the cadence of his typing at work to make detection less simple, but his boss always seemed to hear when he had stopped doing data entry and gone back to working on his fan fiction.  Within a paragraph or two, when he was just getting into detailing a particular brutal back story on his Hunger Games fan fiction blog, his boss would come stomping out of her office and demand to see a particular spreadsheet or report.  It really irritated him.  He still didn’t know how Nancy had found the link to his blog, but now he had to be careful to only post during a sanctioned lunch break or after work hours.  But he had built such a large fan base with his back stories of past Hunger Games, meditations on the work of the stylists and ruminations on what happened after the epilogue of the third book that it just wasn’t feasible to post only after 5pm.  Really, he needed to be posting 10-12 entries a day to keep up with the other sites, mostly run by teens and college kids who didn’t have to punch the clock and provide stats for a women’s abuse center 9 hours a day.  If only there were some way to monetize his writing without infringing on copyright laws!  This continual stifling of his creative spirit was really bringing him down.  Chester quickly concluded a massive kill scene with a flourish as he heard Nancy’s chair creak.  Her displeasure was imminent – back to cleaning up the database with the abuse stats.  Reality was so boring compared to the Hunger Games.

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