JJ the Friendly Pitbull

PitbullThe look on the people’s faces when he trotted into the dog park always killed him.  The yuppies stared at him, categorized his muzzle, bite and markings, and then immediately scanned the area for their dogs/kids/friends like he was going to launch a massive bloodbath any moment.  The adrenaline from the walk over quickly drained away and JJ did his business with pleasure or release, peeing mechanically against the tree farthest from the terrified park patrons.  What makes you so sure that terrier isn’t going to rip out your jugular, he thought hatefully as a grandma snuggled her tiny pup.  Jugulars aren’t very big, you know.  JJ always found it ironic that dog park people, without fail, found dog fighting abominable, but they still couldn’t get past their prejudice and see him and other pits as loving, gentle creatures.  JJ secretly wanted to start a golden retriever fight club, so those dumb slobs could take the bad rep for a change.  He slunk past the trio of Vizlas who were always galloping and taunting him with their beautiful musculature and gingery fur.  As he watched, he felt a primal growl in the back of his throat as he thought about how sweet it would be to rip off their ears and swallow them whole.  He quickly swallowed the snarl back down.  After all, he was trying to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

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