Type B Delight

Shawna listened as everyone else talked over one another and shook their ridiculous graphs and charts in the air.  The interdepartmental meeting was her favorite part of the work week, when everyone tried to outdo one another with their buzzwords and spreadsheets, producing more and more obscure statistics and segmentations.  Technically, Tom was in charge of the meeting, but he often ended up sitting in silence while the arguing and one-upping went on for two hours or more.  Shawna suspected he was like her – someone who was content to sit back and let the other people try to climb over one another and do additional work and duties for free, rather than focusing on just getting their own damn jobs completed well.  She wasn’t promoted quickly, but her ascent was fairly steady – her performance reviews were positive, her raises adequate, and she never stayed more than 20 minutes late.  She had no enemies and no one aspiring to take her down unlike the rest of them.  She knew she would never be Tom, but she would also never have to stay late on Fridays to prepare for the Monday am meetings.  She was halfway through a novel and also training for an Ironman with a steady paycheck coming in every week.  For Shawna, office life was good.

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