15 Things Tamara Hates

Ticking Clock

  1. Humane mouse traps
  2. Dogs whose legs are so short they can’t keep up with their owners walking incredibly slowly down the sidewalk
  3. Humidity
  4. The looks I get when I sit on my exercise ball at work and do my ab squeezes on the phone
  5. Lean Cuisines covered in frost from the back of my freezer in the very worst flavors
  6. Joey
  7. The fact that I miss Joey’s mom
  8. The baby jeans I never got to wear
  9. People who fax
  10. Meatloaf – no exceptions
  11. The elephant wall decals that won’t come off no matter what and have made my apartment unsellable
  12. Yoga v. Pilates – the correct answer is boxing
  13. Any audible time piece
  14. Roadwork
  15. Me, at this point in time
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