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Mr. Bubbles’ Lament

If only there were a way to convince her to take more baths, he thought as Tova turned the showerhead to the right.  Showers meant nothing for him but a long gaze through the mess of purple product bottles as … Continue reading

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Mariah’s Skillful Delegating

Mariah spent most of her time plotting her delegations.  Whenever she was assigned a task by hellion-woman (otherwise known as her supervisor, Joan), she immediately broke the request down into its most basic parts and gave them to others.  The … Continue reading

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Jim’s Problem With His Sister

I’m told this is a big thing, now.  Waking up early.  I think it’s to smell the sun coming out or something?  Which, by the way, replace the word “sun” with “child” and you have a jail sentence on your … Continue reading

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The Divisive Salmon

Sharon had refused to kiss him ever since he ate the salmon last Monday night.  Which was ridiculous, since obviously all traces of the salmon has passed through his body in the last 10 days, and definitely weren’t still in … Continue reading

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Chester’s Important Work

He tried to vary the cadence of his typing at work to make detection less simple, but his boss always seemed to hear when he had stopped doing data entry and gone back to working on his fan fiction.  Within … Continue reading

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JJ the Friendly Pitbull

The look on the people’s faces when he trotted into the dog park always killed him.  The yuppies stared at him, categorized his muzzle, bite and markings, and then immediately scanned the area for their dogs/kids/friends like he was going … Continue reading

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Type B Delight

Shawna listened as everyone else talked over one another and shook their ridiculous graphs and charts in the air.  The interdepartmental meeting was her favorite part of the work week, when everyone tried to outdo one another with their buzzwords … Continue reading

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