Jamie’s Fifth-Life Crisis

Snapped LogoHi, everyone.  I made this DVD so you would have something to watch after you knew I was gone, something that might help you understand why I needed to go.  First off, I’m not dead, I swear.  I know it seems like I’m just trying to throw you off the scent so you won’t look for my body, but I promise that I’m not moldering in a ditch somewhere.  There, that’s out of the way.  Please don’t look for me.  I watched Snapped on Oxygen Network every day for two years and I feel confident that I’ve covered my tracks, but I might be overestimating my own ability.  I just didn’t want to live in Boston anymore and disappearing seemed easier than canceling my cable, paying my overdue gas bill, dropping out of school, canceling my doctor’s appointment in October, blah blah blah.  I’m just sick of all the things I needed to do just to keep my life running, when I’ve always felt that keeping oneself alive should be a fairly simple concept.  So go ahead and sell all my stuff to cover whatever bills I left behind – I didn’t renew my lease, so don’t let my jerk landlord tell you otherwise.  I’m somewhere else, just sleeping, eating, talking, and laughing.  I think that’s all I need for now, but who knows – it might get real old real fast.  Sorry that by simplifying my life I complicated yours, but really it’s the best thing for now.  OK, I’ll off to kill mys – just kidding!  Just kidding!  Catch y’all on the flip side.

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