Charlie Starts Dating Again

JumpingThis is totally not how I thought this date would turn out, he thought at the edge of the platform.  Geenie seemed like a fairly normal girl with an abnormal spelling of her first name.  She liked flowers and seafood, hence the daisies at her door and round of appetizers (cerviche and scallops) at Fish House.  But then things started to take a strange turn.  Geenie turned up her nose at his suggestion of a well-known Italian restaurant, and instead pulled a bag of day-old sandwiches from her purse.  I’m sick of sitting inside, let’s go try something new.  So they ate on the seawall, feeding bits and pieces of their ham sandwiches to the seagulls.  They stole a bike using wirecutters Geenie had in her oversize bag (I work in construction, she said by way of explanation).  They drank airplane size bottles of vodka and rolled down three hills.  And here they were, standing at the base of the bungee-jumping platform, strapped tightly to one another.  He looked into Geenie’s eyes and had time to think, this girl is either a sociopath or the best first date ever before they jumped.

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