Donny’s Suit Situation

Taiilor ToolsThis one is much too roomy, he thought as he slipped the suit off.  He looked like he was drowning and it did nothing for his shoulders and back.  He pulled another one off the rack and began to put it on, but he could barely get it over one of his arms.  When had these all gotten distorted?  A tad morosely, he hung them both back on their padded hangers and put them into the air-conditioned closet.  It wasn’t his fault – he strictly monitored his weight precisely so he wouldn’t have to get new suits made every few years.  It took months to select and cultivate a new suit speciman and he just didn’t have the time anymore.  I guess human skins just don’t hold up the way they used to, he thought sadly as he brushed an errant piece of hobo hair off the too-big suit.  Just another way civilization was going down the tubes.

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