Nevin the Notorious Liar

Tikcing ClockShe had no cache in the cafeteria anymore.  She used to be able to commandeer any seat she wanted with a mere toss of her raven head, a flash of her blank eyes.  People knew not to cross her.  After all, Mr. Thompson has tried to assault her, and that made her more of an adult than all the other kids at Peers Central.  She was a desired quantity, someone who teens wanted at their sweet 16 parties and parents prayed wouldn’t be able to attend.  But ever since the investigation showed that she made it all up, that she hadn’t even been at the school that night and neither had Mr. Thompson, and besides, her brother saw her at Denny’s during the timeframe in question, it was all for nothing.  Girls who had clamored to have her rebellious aura rub off on them now openly smirked at her in the hallway.  Mr. Thompson refused to teach her anymore and she was switched unceremoniously into a lower level history class.  The principal kept a close eye on her, but she was a woman, and immune to any charges Nevin might level at her.  Or so she thought.  Nevin had been working on a doozy of a story, and just needed to let enough time go by to unfurl it.  She wanted her cafeteria seat back.

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