Mickie the Tiniest Penguin

Tiny PenguinHe watched enviously as the others hurled themselves off the side of the white rock into the water.  Didn’t they worry about their heads bursting, their feathers flying off from the pressure?  Or were they immune from fear, their minds working like the oil on their feathers to keep them insulated and safe?  He was always stuck with the babies, their downy grey fluff taunting him, reminding him that he was their elder, yet in so many ways just as hobbled as they were.  Other males instinctively herded him away from danger; his mother still tried to sit on him.  But being so little had its advantages – he knew the aquarium staff favored him, with his adult coloring but tiny body.  They always gave him extra food hoping that it would help him grow stronger.  They worked with him to develop his mind, teaching him tricks and extra flourishes that got him the most attention from the audiences.  So he could make it work.  But just once, he wanted to jump off the very top of the rocks and not be afraid for his internal organs.  Just once.

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