Jessica’s First Act as Mother

Female Sherlock HolmesShe sat back and watched as the emails and phone calls poured in.  Despite her apprehension, a tiny piece of her felt quite happy and devious.  This is what she had dreamed of since she was a little girl, all the way into adulthood, her (disappointing) courtship with Doug, their (disappointing) wedding and purchase of their first (disappointing) home.  Nothing had really panned out quite the way she’d pictured it when she was little, including the birth itself – she had disappointed herself by first getting an epidural, then by having to have an emergency C-section to get the baby out intact.  Intellectually she knew there was nothing wrong with a C-section birth (other than the higher co-pay), but emotionally, she felt she had failed as a woman and mother.  But not with this.  Naming the baby had been solely up to her – Doug was busy making the crib (she told him the baby might come early and it should have been ready at 8 months!) while she cued up the email and used to make the birth announcement.  Never would her baby have to face the indignity of having 4 other Jessica’s in her class, of being one of many, of living the ordinary life that her mother seemed trapped in.  No, baby girl Sherlock Perseus Smith would never have that problem.  Just look at the reaction her first entrance was getting!

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