Tito’s Massage Technique

Maybe if she raised her arms like this it would be easier?

He dug his fingers in even deeper, rooting round for something that felt familiar.  There must be some sort of muscle in here, he thought desperately.  It can’t just all be fat.  Jenna’s father and sister watched him from across the room, and he could feel their disapproval turning into suspicion before his very eyes.  Not only did he touch other people for a living, which was bad enough in this blue collar family, but he also didn’t appear to be very good at it.  Rather than relaxing back into the massage his future mother-in-law had goaded him into giving, he could feel her tensing up as he poked and prodded her doughy back, seeking a knot he could latch on to and give her some sort of relief.  He could hear Jenna retrieving the otter pops out of the freezer and prayed that she would reenter the room and free him from this disarming tableau in the next few seconds.  Just then he hit upon a knot at the base of Linda’s neck and he drove his elbow into it with an audible sigh of relief usually reserved for the massage recipient.

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