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Jacob: Bouncin’ Through Life

He was definitely in the middle of an upper/downer cycle, the likes of which hadn’t been seen since his final year of college.  Then, he had needed the Aderall to focus on the inane details of his Animal Behavior class … Continue reading

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Mrs. Klosky’s Dry Cleaning Debate

She was nervous to take the robes into her neighborhood cleaner.  Everyone knew Mr. Smilivich was a semi-reformed cardshark who now gambled with neighborhood secrets instead of his mother’s Medicare.  The robes might pass him by, go to his dopey … Continue reading

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Nevin the Notorious Liar

She had no cache in the cafeteria anymore.  She used to be able to commandeer any seat she wanted with a mere toss of her raven head, a flash of her blank eyes.  People knew not to cross her.  After … Continue reading

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Jason the Squeamish Heart Surgeon

Jason felt his gorge rising as the nurse revved up the bone saw.  Out of the corner of his eye he could see the students and interns watching from the surgical theater, hanging on to his every movement.  Don’t vomit … Continue reading

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Ted’s Calculations

Jocelyn is just not the one for me, he reassured himself as he pulled the car up to the curb.  It’s for the best that things ended as they did.  He was only here to get his last few Wii … Continue reading

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Marcus the Maniacal Eyebrow Threader

I have two smooth grooves across my pointer fingers where the thread rests, always taut and at the ready.  The women here do a greater volume of business, really will take anyone who walks in without a second glance.  But … Continue reading

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Mickie the Tiniest Penguin

He watched enviously as the others hurled themselves off the side of the white rock into the water.  Didn’t they worry about their heads bursting, their feathers flying off from the pressure?  Or were they immune from fear, their minds … Continue reading

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