The Little Walking Dead

Zombie My Little PonyThis should not be something even on the menu for children. Since when do they get to choose what kind of birthday party they want? Aren’t the choices 1) have parents who want to throw you a party or 2) have parents who don’t? When did it become, “Well, Jackson just had a bowling party and someone threw up all over the lanes and they had to steam clean the floors so that’s out, and Michael and Timothy got Lyme Disease from the ticks at the Bulger’s petting zoo party so animals are out, and ponies are so passé and 90’s, so no one has a pony party anymore?” Don’t get me wrong, I love my niece, but this zombie prom birthday party is some weird shit.  Are these parents in some willing reenactment of the crime scene clean up at John Wayne Gacy’s house? Who puts grey paint all over their kids, rips their clothes, dyes them with tea, and then puts powder in their hair? Just for the love of a theme?

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One Response to The Little Walking Dead

  1. kittykat says:

    i love my little zombie ponys…do you call 14 a child? if so there are kidds into this ‘shit’

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