Andy the Archangel

HAngry Angele took a final drag off his cigarette and threw it onto the ground.  This is the last time I help this shithead out, he thought angrily.  He couldn’t even be bothered to show up on time to get the stuff.  There was a shortage of love potions up in heaven – with the recession, everyone had gone back to simple pleasures like “love” and “television.”  He could barely smuggle it out of the pharmacy, even with Raphael standing guard.

The kid just wasn’t appreciative of his efforts – he would give him the portion, the chick would fall in love, then he would get bored with her three weeks after they got married and ask for Andy’s help speeding up the divorce proceedings.  He’d seen it before with the jobs – first, there was nothing Dave wanted more than help getting tax-exempt status for his trendy non-profit, then he was sick of not making any money and wanted to be a businessman.  Andy had to call in 10 favors from different angels, including Thomas, his archenemy, to get the kid an internship at Goldman Sachs.  Obviously that didn’t pan out so well (he still thought Thomas had tricked him) and now the kid was intent on becoming a chef.  Not just any chef, but a celebrity chef.  So he wanted the daughter of a restaurant financier to fall in love with him and figured he’d get to the dad that way.  Andy had to admire the kid’s ingenuity – he seemed to know the backdoor way into everything.  But all this making him wait shit?  That wasn’t gonna fly.  It just confirmed what Andy already knew – he was guardian angel for a bad guy.

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