Otis the Disagreeable Milliner

CrownI don’t know why for the love of God someone without an ounce of class or taste would try to tell me how to make a hat.  I know what to do – been doin it since my grandfather first gave me scraps of felt and showed me the basic folds and tucks to make them into tiny doll hats for my sister’s baby doll, a tempting little girl named Malificent.  This guy comes in here today and tries to tell me how he wants the flowers on his grandma’s crown constructed.  I’m sorry, but how many elderly ladies’ hats have you constructed start to finish in your lifetime, sir?  You sure you want to be tellin me the best place to pinch to attach these flowers?  Cause I don’t need the money.  Not one of these damn customers knows it, but I invested in Vitamin Water 10 years ago and I’m close to a damn millionaire now.  So I do this for the joy and for the hats, and I will turn you out, leave your grandma with her wispy gray hair swaying in the wind on her birthday with nothing to make it fabulous on top.  Don’t think I won’t.

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One Response to Otis the Disagreeable Milliner

  1. Ede says:

    hehe…. this is an awesome idea! 😀

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