Marshall’s Mid-Day Interview

SweatingHe surreptitiously ucapped the Old Spice deodorant and slipped it up into his armpit.  The receptionist looked fairly distracted by the cute animal YouTube video she was watching on her gigantic computer in full view of the entire reception area, so he thought he could get away with a few good swipes.  God, it was like a monsoon under there.  D.J. was right, he should have worn the black shirt and taken a cab – the baby blue and two-hour commute on the buses and trains hadn’t done him any favors.  His emergency deodorant felt like it was melting in there, sliding down his sides and making little white pools along the top of his pants.  The receptionist was still at it, now snickering and texting as she watched what appeared to be some sort of filmed torture video.  It was hard to tell with the sound off.  He bore down on the sides of the pleather chair as he fought the urge to run over, snatch away her phone and headset and scream, I would kill you for your health insurance!  If I had even a shred of your personal information I would kidnap your dog and blackmail you for this job!  Do you really make $15 an hour to do this??  But he needed this internship, needed to do more free work during the day and keep bartending at night if he was ever going to get into a paying job that would allow him to support the kids D.J. kept insisting they were going to have in the next year or so.  The thought of supporting children immediately turned his sweat cold, and he felt a cool shiver going through his body as his internal temperature plunged.  At least he could dry off now.  This was an interesting mental trick to remember for other summer interviews.

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