Kourtney’s Workout Obsession

medicine ballHop over the ball, hop back, hop forward and squat, grab the ball, deadlift up, squat again, and two hops holding the ball.  That was one rep.  Kourtney aimed to do 75, and eventually work her way up to 200 or more.  Truth be told, her long term goal was to see how long she could operate at 98% of her heart’s capacity without fainting or vomiting.  She wasn’t sure why this happened to be her goal when all the other girls in her high school seemed focused on getting into good colleges, looking hot at prom or completing their schoolwork via the internet while they took care of their babies, but it was.  She wasn’t on a sports team and didn’t compete athletically.  She didn’t want a scholarship or even to attend college.  As she completed rep 23 she wondered if there were any careers solely focused on being fast and strong.  That first marathon runner in Ancient Greece – she would always be prepared for something like that if an opportunity arose. If she escaped from a POW camp without being shot immediately she could probably dart away into the safety of the jungle.   Or if the Rapture ever actually happened, she could possibly outrun and outdodge Jesus.  He couldn’t be as quick as she was, toned and nimble from her various medicine and Bosu ball routines, replete with muscle from free lifting, and lean from running, biking, swimming, kayaking, wake boarding, paddleboarding, kickboxing, Zumba-ing and Tai Chi-ing.  She wasn’t exactly sure what movements would be required to survive the Rapture, but Kourtney was certain her 5 daily hours of cardio, weight training and calisthenics were preparing her for it.

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