Mr. Zazu’s Disappointing Day

Legends of the Hidden TempleFirst off, Legends of the Hidden Temple was supposed to be playing in repeats this morning while I ate my final two slices of raisin toast, but some genius decided to preempt them with terrible repeats of GUTS.  So the day was off to a bad start however you slice it.  Then I go outside with Bigglesby for our morning constitutional and he stepped on a cockroach.  Bigglesby was fine, but the idea of disgusting coach roach germs on his delicate paw shook me to my very core.  We had to go to the doggy parlor and get the foot washed with industrial strength soap while Bigglebsy screamed the entire time, which shot my nerves totally to hell and required a 3-hour nap.  I forgot to take out my colored contact lenses (purple this month!) and when I woke up it was like the sweet Lord himself had glued my eyes shut.  I had to cry to lubricate my lids enough to open, which, believe me, was no stretch at that point in the day.  Kittens McGhee and I then settled in for a private afternoon showing of “How to Lose a Man in Ten Days” and laughed disdainfully at the dialogue.  I then worked on my private piece of Hunger Games fan fiction, but it isn’t turning out quite as I might have liked.  I daresay I might have to scrap the whole “Hunger Games but underwater” premise and start again from scratch.  The earth’s inner core, perhaps?  I’ll make note of it in my Moleskin.  Dinner was venison and strawberries, nothing special.  Diary, I shall write tomorrow, hopefully of happier times.


Mr. Zazu.

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