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The Little Walking Dead

This should not be something even on the menu for children. Since when do they get to choose what kind of birthday party they want? Aren’t the choices 1) have parents who want to throw you a party or 2) … Continue reading

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The Lollipop Guild

Scheduler, Scheduler, Sched, Sched, Scheduler, Scheduler…ba boom boom boom.  She wasn’t sure when she got the tune of “Lollipop” stuck in her head, but it was all she could think about now as she canceled and rescheduled, recanceled and re-rescheduled.  … Continue reading

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Andy the Archangel

He took a final drag off his cigarette and threw it onto the ground.  This is the last time I help this shithead out, he thought angrily.  He couldn’t even be bothered to show up on time to get the … Continue reading

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The Terrible Toys

Toys, toys, toys.  That’s all they ever want.  I offer to take them to the park, to the museum, on the trains, and all they want are more toys.  Then when I finally cave and give them these expensive, ornate … Continue reading

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Otis the Disagreeable Milliner

I don’t know why for the love of God someone without an ounce of class or taste would try to tell me how to make a hat.  I know what to do – been doin it since my grandfather first … Continue reading

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Marshall’s Mid-Day Interview

He surreptitiously ucapped the Old Spice deodorant and slipped it up into his armpit.  The receptionist looked fairly distracted by the cute animal YouTube video she was watching on her gigantic computer in full view of the entire reception area, … Continue reading

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Bruce the Baritone Serial Killer

Oh, the shark has pretty teeth dear, and he shows ‘em, pearly white….He trailed off happily as he finished sharpening his boning knife and slid it lovingly back into its carrying case.  Everything was all set for tonight.  This called … Continue reading

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