Deacon the Accidental Party Planner

Disney PrincessesMaureen said to make sure that the cups and plates match the theme.  So the theme is “Disney Princesses” – do I need to designate one amongst them as the lead princess and populate the table with their animals and minions?  Or does that fact that they’re each a princess in their own right count as thematic unity?  Are some her favorites over others, or does she love them all equally?  Lisa would never had had to worry about something like this – she always knew instinctively what the kids wanted.  I know the family therapist preached normalcy and routine for the kids during this time period, but I don’t actually have confidence in my ability to execute this party.  The thought of going to Party City, getting a cart and cruising the aisles filling my basket with Cinderella napkins, Belle plates, Ariel cups and Snow White tablecloths while the women in the store smile at me knowingly, assuming I’m divorced and not recently, horribly, violently widowed, is almost enough to make me cancel my daughter’s fifth birthday party.  Almost…but not quite.

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