Johnathan’s Issue With His Shoes

Pug with Pug SlippersThere weren’t a lot of things that made him violently angry, but a too-snug pair of shoes was definitely one of them.  He hated nothing more than stepping out for a jaunty walk in the neighborhood and then beginning to feel the joy leached out of his day with each pinch and pull on his delicate feet.  It was all Erin’s fault.  She knew he had broader feet than most guys his size, yet she insisted on buying him narrow shoes one size too small, like his feet might shrink down to suit the adorable slippers and sneakers rather than responding with swelling and protrusions.  This isn’t China and I’m not a baby girl, he thought angrily to himself as yet another morning was well on its way to being ruined by the suffocating zapatos he was sporting.  If she wanted my feet to be smaller and more pleasing, she should have bound them when I was little, made me suffer when I wouldn’t remember it rather than subject me to this torture as an adult!  He limped for dramatic emphasis and lagged behind the leash, but Erin was busy taking a picture with her cell phone and didn’t notice.  The flash wasn’t quite bright enough to capture the pain and hatred in his eyes.

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