Jimmy’s Last Stand

Yelling CavemanI sobbed when my son was born.  Had an absolute nervous breakdown in the delivery room, just crying and crying on the floor.  Completely unable to stop.  My ex-wife finally had a security take me out of the room because I was upsetting the baby and he couldn’t take his first breath or something and they needed room to work.  But that shows I have compassion, right?  It shows I can love other human beings and feel for their pain.  The kid just struggled so hard to bust through Maria’s stomach at the end of that C-section – it was breathtakingly beautiful.  And symbolic, you know?  I mean of the way men have to struggle against women and ultimately decimate them to survive.  It was just a real powerful moment for me.

So when this woman in the Finance department says that I “disregarded her personal space” and “made her feel uncomfortable,” maybe she should speak to my son.  I don’t have current contact information for him, but he can definitely speak to my proud, Rafiki-like moment when he was born and assure her that I would never do any of those things.  Yeah, I was Rafiki and not Mufasa because I still can’t say with certainty that the kid is mine.  But I CAN say that I won’t sign her ridiculous statement of allegations.  Because I have compassion.

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