Jacob at the Convention

Sad SpoonI have serious authenticity concerns.  These people have a vacant quality in their face that belies their lack of utter commitment to their characters, speaks to an inner life bereft of hopes and dreams.  When I open my garment bag and pull out my freshly pressed costume, pull on my period underwear and use era-truthful shoelaces to tie my weathered by weather shoes, it’s like a new force takes over my body, animates me from within and lends me the gravitas that my IT skills can’t possibly bestow in real life.  I hear some of these people discussing the calorie count on the menus at the TGI Friday’s near their hotel rather than talking about their rich and fertile backstories!  The woman next to me is wearing CK One on her wrists, defiling the delicate lace sleeves of her costume forever!  I have already started my next vitriolic letter in my head – our weekly enewsletter subscribers are going to be getting a severe and unwelcome reality check this week.

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