Lila’s Monday at 9am

Burning ToasterLila gnawed on the soft skin around her fingers as she clicked rapidly through the photo album, hoping that there wouldn’t be any embarrassing photos of her this week.  She had petitioned hard against a photographer at the company picnic, but as usual, her lucid arguments for the sanctity of privacy and the importance of safe haven at work events were ignored in favor of more content for the company facebook page – specifically content that showed that DevCo appreciated its employees and stopped at nothing to provide good times for them.  As the head of HR, she certainly knew better – there were plenty of sexual harassment complaints, unpaid overtime, workplace intimidation, and a very strange recent case involving a trained monkey and employees’ missing bananas.  But ever since she was caught dismantling the toaster with a Swiss army knife (trying to get out all the crumbs) and Jamiel had spread that rumor that she was a firebug, there was very little she could do.  If she tried to leave, the arsonist chatter was sure to pop back up and she had a hard enough time paying for her acupuncture with health insurance, so she’d damned if she would go three times a week without.  So she shook her head when she came to a string of photos of herself eating hot dogs in embarrassing ways and falling into the dog poo during the outdated potato sack race, but there was nothing she could really do about it besides a resentful detag.

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