The Flounder Issue

FlounderMack didn’t know if the flounder really caused the food poisoning or not.  To be honest, he couldn’t care less.  He thought it was funny that all those people at the fancy fundraiser threw up on their expensive dresses and shoes with jewels on them.  He was raised on a farm, goddammit – no one would dare wear boots with rhinestones and sparkles glued onto them, but that seemed to be a fairly prevalent trend for men these days at the events he worked.  He knew he got off a little better than most of the other caterers because he was handsome.  The girls got evil looks if they drew attention away from any of the women at the events, but the male waiters usually didn’t get an eyeball on them all night.  All these rich guys so confident that their ladies wouldn’t stray with a waiter.  But since he had the one blue eye and the one green, his thick dark hair and muscles from years riding horses, he definitely got an inordinate share of winks and grabs and tips.  He put it all in the common pot though, and he was glad as hell for that tonight.  Ever since he heard JJ announce that there was a flounder issue, he knew it was on him.  He saw the fish had defrosted overnight when he got it, but he sliced it anyway and tossed it back into the fridge to be put into the curry.  Hell, he ate fish right out of the river when he was little, so how bad could some warm white fish be?  Apparently these people had the bellies of new born kittens, because it had been a mess of vomit and moaning since the band came on at 9pm.  But Mack knew he was well-liked and everyone would cover for him.  He was just mad because he was only  $3,000 away from finally paying off his student loans and this flounder issue would make it take that much longer.

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