Chelsea’s After-School Care

Doll HeadI hate going over the Harper’s house to play.  My mom says I’m being a brat and a baby just cause her toys aren’t nice like mine, but that’s not it.  It’s not just that her My Little Ponies aren’t sparkly – they also have all their manes and tails burned off.  It’s not just that her Barbies don’t have nice clothes – they’re all wrapped in newspaper and smell like gasoline.  And it’s not just that she doesn’t have a puppy as cuddly and sweet as Bailey – it’s that her parakeet bites my ears and poops on me and makes me cry every time I go over there.  And Harper doesn’t even do anything!  She just stands there and laughs, or takes my apples and caramel dip and makes me eat her Funyons instead so my mouth is always so dry and dirty-tasting by the time I get home and my mom tries to make me sit down for dinner and I say no and she calls me a brat and I don’t get a bedtime story.  I really wish my mom and Harper’s didn’t go to grade school together.  Then maybe I would be able to get away from her and her scary toys and bird and laugh for good.

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