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Ginny the Life Coach

If I mess up and doublebook patients one more time this week, I’m going to take that braided rope I got to add to my ceiling-to-floor curtains as a decorative touch and just strangle myself.  This new computer system is … Continue reading

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Yasmine’s Fall From Grace

Marie Grace was just sick about the decision, but it had to be made.  The poor girl wasn’t bringing in the money she used to, and photographers and executives alike were complaining and making snide comments about her.  Marie Grace’s … Continue reading

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AJ the Neophyte Travel Writer

If there was one thing he detested above all others, it was paying an inflated tourism rate at foreign hotels and restaurants.  He called and emailed friends, friends-of-friends and any connections he could get before booking a trip, making sure … Continue reading

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The Boy and the Toothless Beaver

There are few things sadder than a beaver with bad teeth, thought the boy as he paddled past the broken-down dam. They can’t make a home for themselves or smile confidently in front of the other beavers. He grabbed the … Continue reading

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Deacon the Accidental Party Planner

Maureen said to make sure that the cups and plates match the theme.  So the theme is “Disney Princesses” – do I need to designate one amongst them as the lead princess and populate the table with their animals and … Continue reading

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Johnathan’s Issue With His Shoes

There weren’t a lot of things that made him violently angry, but a too-snug pair of shoes was definitely one of them.  He hated nothing more than stepping out for a jaunty walk in the neighborhood and then beginning to … Continue reading

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Frank’s Friday

If it were socially acceptable I would kick cats on sight, but yet I find myself compulsively singing the Meow Mix song when I’m by myself.  This is just one of the symptoms that lead me to believe that I … Continue reading

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