Leon the Office Cut-up

ColosseumThat joke was funny.  I would bet my life on it.  If there were some sort of gladiator-style joke fight-to-the-death arena that I could have told that joke in, I guarantee I’d be moving onto the championship round, laughing in the face of my competitor’s tears and working the crowd into an absolute frenzy with my hilarious, take-no-prisoners joke approach.  And no one would stare or sigh or make disgusted noises, cause in the arena?  It’s all about the crowd mentality.  We could use a little bit more of that around this office.  Just because Marko wears a toupee because maybe he had cancer doesn’t mean that no one can laugh at a scalping joke.  We’re all probably related to Indians at this point anyway, so we’re just laughing at our own past behavior.  Like when I went to see Gladiator in Rome with subtitles and the crowd treated it like opening night of an Apatow flick.  The only way to get past our collective bad behavior is laughter.  I’m going to write a book on that topic.  Replete with hilarious scalping jokes.

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