Jackson’s Back

PoolHe pulled up his shirt in the back and peered awkwardly over his shoulder at the mirror.  There was no doubt, the circles were still there, just as large and red as they had been when he initially received the treatment a week ago.  There was no way to explain them to Jacqueline, so he would have to cancel on the pool party.  It figured, the day he finally meets a cute, pretty girl he could actually see himself dating, it’s right after he gives up on his chiropractor’s stimulating pads and goes to a shady part of town to get a cupping treatment.  Jacqueline’s father is a prison guard and apparently has told her some real terrible stories over the years, so she’ll probably think he’s in some weird gang or fight club when she sees the marks, not just desperate for some lower back relief.  He’ll try to explain it to her at dinner tonight, and if she isn’t receptive, at least it’s been done privately rather than at a pool with 50 of her work friends.  Better to know right away if she’s accepting of alternative medicine.  His back feels fantastic, and he’s going back next week.

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