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Leon the Office Cut-up

That joke was funny.  I would bet my life on it.  If there were some sort of gladiator-style joke fight-to-the-death arena that I could have told that joke in, I guarantee I’d be moving onto the championship round, laughing in … Continue reading

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Marilee’s Weight Loss Plan

It figured that just as she got old enough to really have to struggle her appearance, everyone knew about the dangers of smoking and tanning and diet supplements.  Why couldn’t I have been born thirty years ago, Marilee despaired as … Continue reading

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Ignacio’s Impending Meltdown

That temp better watch himself.  Yeah, I asked him to get me a coffee, and yeah, I meant it.  In my job interview I specifically asked if it was OK to ask the assistants and temps to get me coffee, … Continue reading

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Fran’s Rite of Passage

There are 40 names on my list now.  40 people who should play an instrumental role in my funeral.  Most I’ve assigned parts to – Janice, obviously, will sing during the opening, while I want little Ray Ray to do … Continue reading

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Wavering Willy

When I see terrorists or political uprisings on TV my primary reaction isn’t fear, but jealousy.  To be singularly devoted to something, totally sure of where you stand on an all-consuming issue – that would seriously streamline my days.  Take … Continue reading

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Emilio’s Chicken Nuggets

The fryer is definitely the answer here.  Coat enough cornstarch and flour on the outside of these things and no one will be able to tell what the base quality of the meat is.  This is the third time in … Continue reading

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Jackson’s Back

He pulled up his shirt in the back and peered awkwardly over his shoulder at the mirror.  There was no doubt, the circles were still there, just as large and red as they had been when he initially received the … Continue reading

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