Ginger’s Missed Opportunity

Biscotti and CoffeeOh, he’s still all by himself over at that side table.  It’s been almost 14 minutes now on my stopwatch, him just sitting quietly and drinking coffee, nibbling on a biscotti.  He looks European with his thin scarf and skinny jeans – usually those two ingredients add up to make an American hipster, but he just totally subverts the look to make it his own.  I wonder where he’s from.  He seems at once totally at home and completely foreign in this setting, so different than the guys I usually follow here.  Nicholas over at the counter is nodding at me, then the clock – it’s almost time for it to go down.  The biscotti-eating, tight jeans-wearing young man is stretching lazily, rewrapping that little scarf in preparation to go outside.  I can feel the gun heavy in my purse and I know I should stand up immediately and go out the door, be waiting for him in the side alley when he emerges, but I take another sip of my espresso and ignore the burning of Nicholas’ eyes into the back of my skull.  I so enjoyed watching this man drink coffee and eat cookies, I think I’ll give him a few more days to do so.

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