Catherine the Vegan Sister-in-Law

Eggs BenedictSmall.  That’s the one word I would use to describe him.  He’s just a small man, incapable of seeing past himself and his own desires to look at what’s best for his family.  I know he doesn’t believe that vegan is a legitimate way of living.  He thinks I’m just being dramatic, trying to make things difficult for his wife when Jack and I come over for dinner.  But yet he thinks nothing of having me cook him a steak when he comes over to watch football, despite the fact that standing over the stove, seeing animal products coagulate and stream down the sides of my pans and sinks sends me into a depressive tailspin for days.  But I do it, because he’s my husband’s brother and I made a promise on our wedding day to treat his family like my own.  I do it in the face of his sneering whenever I serve a delicious raw entrée, his insistence that I pour him milk with his desert and his obvious delight at eating Salmon Eggs Benedict whenever we go out to breakfast together.  I’m not asking everyone to live my life – Jack eats whatever he wants, as long as he brushes his teeth right afterward.  But no one, never mind my brother by marriage, should have it out for me just because I choose not to consume animal products.  I might understand if he was a hunter or farmer who someone who made their living from animal products, like a trapper during the French Indian War.  But we don’t live like savages anymore.  If we have access to delicious vegetables and beans and grains, we should eat those and let animals run free and beautiful across the planet.  Sometimes I picture the two of us finally getting into it, me shaming him in front of the entire family at Thanksgiving for his thoughtless and needless consumption.  Ironically, it’s always the phrase “egg on his face” that pops into my mind when I indulge myself in this fantasy.  I’m sure he would just love that.

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